Led Zoom Flashlight Torch Tactical 5000 Lumens

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Led Zoom Flashlight Torch Tactical 5000 Lumens Led High Power Flashlights AAA or 18650 battery kit

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Product Description

The powerful flashlight built with Flight Grade Aluminum, comes with zoom function that easily illuminates a large dark area. The torch light is far stronger than normal flashlights, and with zoom function you can light up a smaller element very clearly at long distances.

  • 5 different light settings: high, medium, low, strobe light and SOS emergency signal

  • Easy and practical

  • Waterproof and shockproof

  • Low power consumption

  • Has 5 different light functions, which you can easily switch between by pressing pressing the turn on switch.

  • Amazing gift idea

5 Different Light Modes

The LED flashlight has 5 different light modes: high, medium, low, strobe light and SOS emergency signal

Built In Flight Grade Aluminum

Extremely durable, that will make it your favorite companion in any situation. 

Long Battery Life Has 5x longer battery than average flashlights. The flashlight has a total lifetime of at least 10.000 hours. Upgrade your night rides. 

Weight 220.0 kg

5 reviews for Led Zoom Flashlight Torch Tactical 5000 Lumens

  1. Antonio Reynolts

    I’m already use it in the hunting.

  2. Ian kos

    It’s so helpful!! The shipping was fast too! Thanks!!

  3. santijalba

    Awesome Flashlight, very bright and incredible throw for that size

  4. Rita Mays

    it is a great flashlight. Recommended!

  5. Christian Plw

    Fantastic light! Much smaller and lighter than I was expecting. Excellent build quality and finish.

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