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Perfectly utilizes it’s dual function technology of telescope digital imaging, video recording, and photography in dark environments.

Black with 16GB SET
Black with 16GB SET
Black with 32GB SET
Black with 32GB SET
Black bag
Black bag
Black with 8GB SET
Black with 8GB SET

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Product Description

HD Digital Binoculars


Color: Black Silver
Focus Type: Manual Focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 32 Millimeters


 KR HD Digital Binocular KR HD Digital Binocular   KR HD Digital Binocular

HD Digital Binoculars can unravel a world different than the one you can see with just your eyes.

You can watch people as they go on with their day-to-day activities, or study architectural details on historic buildings.

These digital binoculars are equipped with a 1080P 5MD LCD camcorder that produces a high-definition digital telescope that’s excellent for an all-optical system and HD video system.

They’ll outperform any standard binocular on the market.

The perfect choice for investigating, adventures, concerts, and much more!


Additional Information

Weight 22.0 kg
Dimensions 350 × 150 × 100 cm

Black with 16GB SET, Black with 32GB SET, 8GB, Black bag, Black with 8GB SET, 16GB, Black, 32GB

5 reviews for HD Digital Binoculars | Best buy 2021

  1. efyy87

    Just what I needed!

  2. martah

    I love this pack!!! It was totally submerged in the river twice and I am happy to say not a drop of water got in! Fits just about anything you need! No complaints whatsoever!!
    Thanks for making a great product! Love it!!

  3. Nadine33

    5 stars !! I love it!!

  4. L K & P R

    Very glad I purchased this

  5. Antoine 94

    very nice!! So useful!

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