Biometric Fingerprint Lock

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Product Description

Semiconductor Fingerprint Reader

Reading speed under 1 second Max Support 90 fingerprint

Mechanical Key Unlock

Mechanical key & External power supply interface as spare in case the batteries is dead.

M1 Smart Card Reader

Max support 50 cards

11 reviews for Biometric Fingerprint Lock

  1. Dimss

    Great product, easy install and smart operation!

  2. Taylor

    Very attractive and responsive smart lock

  3. kqt563

    I’m in love with this, i don’t have to use a key and my kids can come from school and use their own fingerprint or key to open.

  4. Moore

    Good fingerprint recognition. Easier passage mode.

  5. kingll

    Great quality product

  6. Jacob rent.

    All good so far

  7. Mariaaa

    The finger print feature is the main reason I chose this product

  8. gangtt

    Works as promised. Makes life much easier. Never locked out of the house.

  9. Olivia Rat

    Great product!!!

  10. Ava

    I really like this, have had it installed almost 3 weeks now. Works GREAT

  11. Lary Jam.

    This product has been so beneficial, we love it

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